Thursday, July 15, 2010

Closure of the Gold Coast Birth Centre

Today is a very sad day for the women and families of Queensland with the unexpected closure of the Gold Coast Birth Centre leaving hundreds of women without their expected maternity care. Below is yesterday's press release from the Maternity Coalition:

The closure of the Gold Coast Birth Centre this afternoon at 5pm without consultation or explanation has left Queensland women outraged and preparing to rally. Hundreds of women will be left without their expected birth care as a result of a completely unexplained closure.

Rebecca Jenkinson, mother of two and President of Maternity Coalition Queensland branch said that women will be travelling from all over the South East to protest. “There have been rumblings for months about hostile attitudes from the Gold Coast Hospital management. Now this closure has occurred today without consultation or proper process.”

The best quality evidence shows birth centre midwifery care to be at least as safe as standard birth care. “Transfers to medical care are a normal and safe part of birth centre care and adverse outcomes occur in all models from time to time. But these women are in a birth centre metres away from a regular birth unit – on the same floor even. This closure is an attack on women’s choices.”

“At a time when both the Federal and State Governments are looking to expand midwifery choices for pregnant and birthing women it seems that Gold Coast Hospital are out of step with what’s happening across Queensland and Australia. In fact, the state government is planning to open another Birth Centre in Toowoomba by the end of this year because this model of care is so popular with families.”

Maternity Coalition were involved in the lobbying which led to the election commitment to establish a Birth Centre at the Gold Coast Hospital. “Five years on, the Government should be moving to expand this model of care, and give all women access to continuity of carer from a known midwife” Ms Jenkinson said. “We call upon the Minister for Health to act urgently to protect women’s access to this kind of care – a model of care that has repeatedly been shown to be safe and is in great demand from women” Ms Jenkinson added

Women are gathering from 11am at Little High Street, Southport with their babies to demand that the Birth Centre be immediately reopened.

For more information contact Maternity Coalition Qld Media Spokesperson: Joanne Smethurst, 07 3256 8127.

If you are in a position to join the women on the Gold Coast in their rally today please do. In a time where birth options should be expanding this sudden unexplained closure is simply unacceptable.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

RPA Birth Centre

Anna and myself spent last Wednesday playing politics to help get the Janeanna Birth Centre opened as planned. We also visited the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Birth Centre. We are getting closer and closer to having our dream a reality.

Till the next update - Jane

Monday, April 19, 2010

Visit to Belmont Midwifery Group Practice

Yesterday Anna and myself had a wonderful visit to Belmont Midwifery Group Practice (formerly known as the Belmont Birthing Service) as part of our fact finding mission for the Janeanna Birth Centre. This services now is a group midwifery practice that offers births at Belmont Hospital in their two birthing rooms, homebirths or at the birth centre at John Hunter Hospital. I thought I share some of my photos. Till my next update Jane xxx

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our new logo is here

After lots of feedback and redesigning our logo for the Janeanna Birth Centre has been finalised.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Townsville Birth Centre

On Monday, Anna Russell and myself had a fantastic day visiting the birth centre at Townsville. It was a big day - we left Sydney at 9am and returned that evening at 10.30pm (talk about a whirlwind tour). We are doing research to help us set up the Janeanna Birth Centre here in Sydney. We were very impressed with Townsville Birth Centre, which is purpose built with community input into its design and operation. The birth centre has three birth rooms decorated in different themes: Water, earth and forest. You can see a little of the water and forest rooms here (we didn't get to see the earth room as it was being used at the time).

Each room has it's own enclosed courtyard that was particularly appealing.

We had a few hours after our tour of the birth centre before our flight left Townsville - so we thought we'd find a cool place to write our report. The taxi driver took us to Jamiaca Joe's on the water - needless to say we didn't get very far in our report but we discovered a new cocktail that was particularly refreshing in the tropics.

Written by Jane Palmer

Monday, December 7, 2009

Feedback on Logos

I would love for your feedback on the logos. I am currently working on establishing a free standing birth centre in Sydney. We have decided on the name of the Janeanna Birth Centre. You can find out more about the birth centre on our Facebook fan page We have four draft logos pictured below.

Immediately below is Logo 1 - the heart pod image is Logo 4


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